D1050RS Automatic heavy hot pressing die cutting machine (deep pressing)

     D1050RS automatic (hot pressing) deep pressing die cutting machine is paper boxes, cartons, trademarks and other paper packaging decoration supplies and film materials. With hot pressing deep embossing die cutting indentation dual function, cold pressing concave and convex key equipment. This machine adopts high precision intermittent structure, pneumatic locking plate, pneumatic clutch, overload protection, automatic pressure regulation and other unique transmission mechanism design. Ensure high speed and smooth operation of equipment. At the same time, the machine is equipped with pre-code paper mechanism, vice paper receiving mechanism, manual sampling practical and reliable mechanism, so that the machine in the use of the process of giving full play to the work efficiency.

    The electrical components and transmission components of the machine adopt international famous brand to ensure the precision of die cutting and reliability of operation. Man-machine interface is used to detect the working condition of the equipment and display the fault location. Elimination method and related information, fully realize man-machine communication.

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