The history of the development of printing in Europe

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         As early as in around 1440, Johannes Gutenberg was Europe has a number of technical integration together, the invention of the movable type printing of type, very quickly in Europe spread apart, essentially promote the printing form industrialization.

1584 Spanish historian missionaries Gonzalez, de Mendoza in his "the emperor's history" proposed in Gutenberg by China printing technology; printing in China, through the two ways was introduced to Germany, a way is through Russia was introduced to Germany, a way is by Arab traders carrying books was introduced to Germany, Gutenberg to the Chinese books, as the blueprint of his printing. Mendoza's book will soon be translated into French, Italian, English, produced great influence in europe. French historian Louis Le Roy, writer Michel de Monda and so on, all agree with Mendoza's argument. Chinese scientist Yasuda park had to "Eurocentric cheating represents as: the so-called Gutenberg may is the inventor of printing" in the title, demonstrating Europe's movable type printing source in China.

       The Italians will be movable type printing was introduced into Europe's credit, credit was born in Lombardy Italian seal calligraphers Pafiloka Starr Di he saw Marco Polo brought back from China type version of the book, the movable type printing. The Italian specially set up his statue as a memorial in the place of his birth.

       The French Sinologist Stanislas Julien, who brought Shen Kuo MengXiBiTan in Bi Sheng invented movable type printing a historical, translated into French, he is the earliest will Bi Sheng invented movable type printing history, introduced to Europe.

The invention of Gutenberg type, in fact also contain lead, tin and antimony. Because the movable type alloy containing lead and harmful to the human body metal, troublesome to use and process problems. After the popular computer typesetting, gradually disappeared from the scene.

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